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Why Craft?

We’re Craft

We’re a team of writers, thinkers and doers with one mission – to help EdTech scale-ups find their brilliance and make it shine. We double down on who you are and what you want to say, crafting head-turning brand messaging that makes you stand out so your audience leans in.

We’ve been fortunate to work on some great projects, including writing the tone of voice for Apple Retail, crafting copy for almost every bit of Nike, creating CRM campaigns for Microsoft, sharpening the UX writing at Zalando, updating brand messaging for Hitachi, building a content strategy for Allianz, writing thought-provoking white papers for HP. And so much more. We’d love to share that expertise and knowledge with you. See some of our work here.

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Why Craft?

Because we fuse our tech background with our belief in the power of words to illuminate the obscure and accelerate the pulse rates. To shape how people see and feel about your brand.

We specialise in helping EdTech brands simplify their message, focusing on the human benefits behind the thrumming innovations.

Cutting through the jargon to get to the core of who you are and sharing it with the world in a way that’s clear and compelling.

This transforms work that’s just okay, into work that’s just exceptional.

The Team

Want to get the cut of their jib? Ask about their creative process. Here are three words that sum up how we tackle everything from the most challenging client brief to our pub-quiz team name (ours is the Craft-y Bar Stewards, by the way).

And as we’re all about helping others shine, we wrote each other’s profiles too.

Paul steers the ship, works with clients, directs the work.

Oh captain, my (our) captain! Copy powerhouse and ad agency veteran Paul doubles up as a human library (“have you read…?”) and is a patient mentor to our colourful crew.

Stephane keeps the wheels turning, herds cats.

Our operations director. His clear-thinking keeps us on track, on task, and on top form with our clients. Like engine oil, Steph keeps the wheels turning and cogs from grinding.

Tom writes cracking copy, develops concepts.

Craft’s first writer always finds the heart in the humdrum to help clients’ messaging hit home. Find him at his desk in Devon, stroking his beard, cradling a cat in his lap, Bond style.

Anna writes top copy, has ideas.

Our chameleon-like senior copywriter. Anna interrogates the bejesus out of briefs, blending into brands to craft compelling copy. From the mags of London to the streets of Stockport, Anna traded headlines for taglines to help clients connect with their audience.

Adam has awesome ideas, shoots and edits film.

“Anything’s possible” the phrase you’re most likely to hear Adam utter. Our annoyingly talented filmmaker, storyteller and zero bullsh*t tolerator. Adam helps us bring amazing client stories to life, in the most incredible ways.

Gary leads the copy team, writes stuff.

Where copy needs creative direction, our Creative Director is on hand. With one arm around the team, and the other around our clients, he guides with experience and strategic thinking.

Our wider family

We work with experts in many other fields to offer you a more complete service. It’s a growing family, but here are just a few of the extra skills we offer.

Branding and Design

Orangery Creative We’ve been working with Orangery since 2017. From the very beginning it’s been a productive and enriching relationship and we’ve produced some lovely work together. It’s a joy to collaborate with such talented and genuinely caring people.

Presentation Design

Six Miles High After more than 15 years at Apple, Mark Robson set up his own growing design studio. Mark is a great design professional with an eye for detail and an ear for listening. If you need your next presentation to look amazing, you need Six Miles High.

Marketing and Design

SoWhat Team After being Executive Creative Director at several high-profile agencies in Madrid, Pedro Soler started SoWhat Team. One of his favourite projects was the Barcelona Olympics. His new venture promises big things. We’ve been working with the wonderful team at SoWhat since 2018.

Online Training

DOMĚSTIKA community Paul’s been involved with the creative community at DOMĚSTIKA since 2019. His two bestselling DOMĚSTIKA workshops are available now – Writing for Social Media* and Developing a Tone of Voice. Look out for more. Since 2019, Paul has also taught Digital Copywriting as part of the Masters in Visual and Digital Media program** at Madrid’s IE Business School***.

* over 30,000 students, 98% positive reviews
** received teaching excellence awards in 2020, 2021, 2022
*** voted sixth best Business School in the world by Forbes as of 2019

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