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Verbal Identity

Behind the success of every big-name brand is a strategic verbal identity. One that’s been selected for a simple reason – it speaks to a collection of people and their specific challenges.

Verbal identity is how you express your brand’s personality and core values. It’s the language you choose to articulate who you are, what you believe in and what you do.

Just as every person talks in a unique way that affects how others see them, your brand’s verbal identity shapes opinions of all you do. So you better be sure it doesn’t just sound good, but is right for you.

With the right verbal identity brands can cut through clutter and home in on their customer’s pain points.

Your verbal identity makes you stand out to your audiences externally and it guides how your people speak to each other internally – which has the happy ripple effect of boosting your brand identity from the inside out.

It’s no accident that John Lewis calls all its employees ‘Partners’. That single word perfectly defines the brand’s people-first ethos, which makes it one of the UK’s most trusted brands.

We’ll help you define your verbal identity. Then we’ll show you how to use it to become a brand your audience believes in.

What is verbal identity in branding?

What makes your tech brand different to your competitors? Is it your vision, your values, your culture, your history? Perhaps it’s your products, your process, your people, your technology.

Your verbal identity is an expression of that difference. It’s the way you communicate your tech products and services. It’s the emotional tone underpinning all you say – from straplines and social posts to user stories and UX writing.

The way you speak embodies your brand values, shaping your internal culture through every interaction.

It could be quirky, cocky or caring. It could be gentle, bold or daring. Every brand has a different way of communicating, which frames how everyone sees what they do.

Your tone should be one that only you can own. Finding your unique personality is vital to helping you shine brighter than the rest. And we’re here to help you shine.

Why do I need it?

It’s not just what you say that wins people over. How you say it makes all the difference. Without a unique verbal identity, you’ll just blend in with the other tech brands in your space.

It’s not about standing out for the sake of it – that’s the brand equivalent of a teenage strop. It’s about taking the elements that make up your brand’s personality and translating them into a tone that hits home with your target audience. Talking about tech in a way only you can.

And doing it consistently. On any platform. You can’t adopt a new tone to be down with the kids, just because you’re on Insta. It’ll just sound… off.

Craft a unique, consistent verbal identity and you’ll be rewarded with brand loyalty.

Because the results go well beyond engagement rates and sharing metrics. When your people confidently communicate on your brand’s behalf, using a consistent verbal identity, something happens. Your brand is remembered, you build connections, you nurture relationships.

Even beyond marketing, copywriting defines how your own people see your business. Because your tone isn’t just a branding tool – it’s the language your brand communicates in. It’s the way you speak to your people, the way they speak to each other and the cornerstone of your company culture.

When all your comms work together in a seamless flow, you get known not just for your offering, but for your identity. And given the emotions driving every buying decision, that’s massive. Especially for a ‘seemingly’ cold, features-focused tech company.

Why choose us?

We’ve seen first hand how a distinctive verbal identity helps tech brands like yours. We’ve created a unique voice for big-name brands and budding newbies alike. The impact is always the same – it helps people at every level of the business truly live your brand values; it enables teams to communicate consistently with each other and the wider world. To speak clearly and simply.

Staying consistently on brand can be hard, it’s really easy to wander off message. Particularly when you’re talking across a range of platforms, subjects and to different types of buyers.

It takes care and attention to keep everything sounding as it should. When we help brands define their verbal identity, we look at things strategically, mapping out the market and the audience they need to reach. We consider every element of your daily communication as we immerse ourselves in your world to extract that unique value and craft it into a tone that works for you.

At every stage, our verbal identity experts guide you through our thinking and help your people understand how your brand communicates. Together, we’ll find that sweet spot that strengthens your brand’s perception in the public eye.

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