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Brand Messaging

You know what you want your audience to do but, how do you compel them to do it?

By making them feel something.

That’s true whether you’re selling software or sandwiches. To connect with customers you have to feel what they feel and share stories they relate to.

Using words to move your audience to action isn’t easy. Because people don’t buy from a set of instructions, they’re inspired by ideas. They’re won over by words that tap into a desire they didn’t even know they had.

Heart first, head later.

And that’s where we come in. We invite your audience into your world, using the power of words to clarify complex ideas and spark connections.

Because words matter. They’re how we communicate value, express ideas, and they shape every interaction we have. Brands that know this and trust professionals to write their copy are the brands we’re all inspired by.

Apple’s ‘Think Different.’ is only two words long. But it transformed how we think about tech and spearheaded the tech titan’s remarkable resurgence. Those brands, the ones who invested in their words, reaped years of benefits from their investment.

We’re here to help you become one of those tech brands.

What is brand messaging?

It’s how you communicate what you offer and what you stand for to the audiences who matter to your business. From your tone of voice to your core message, clear brand messaging forms the basis of all your marketing and advertising and defines how you’re perceived by your customers as well as employees.

In short, it’s the most powerful marketing tool you’ve yet to utilise.

From lead-generation landing pages to UX-boosting sitemaps, our copywriters craft something that connects with your readers at every touchpoint. Great copy convinces customers that your tech products and services are worth paying attention to – whether that’s a disruptive new service or a reliable product with a rich heritage.

But great copywriting isn’t just about the writing. The writing is actually the product of all that comes before: the deep thinking, the discovery, the interrogating the brand. Because behind every brilliant and enduring piece of brand messaging is a carefully considered thought process – a strategy that straddles brand identity, value proposition, verbal identity and business goals.

Skip this step and your copy will never reach its full potential. But take the time to get it right and you’ll join the premium club of brands who can brag about their customer loyalty.

So why invest in brand messaging?

Let’s go back a step. What does your brand do best? Can you really single out what makes it interesting? Then can you communicate that in a way that’s clear, simple and engaging to your audience? Can you make it unique? You need to answer all of these with a big old ‘yes’ if you want any kind of impact.

Because even the most innovative ideas need convincing copy. Apple introduced the original iPod with the immortal ‘1,000 songs in your pocket.’ Groundbreaking product, totally clear message. Can you remember how Microsoft introduced the Zune? Thought not.

That’s why you need a copywriter. Because every campaign, every touchpoint is built on what you say and how you say it. And that comes from the copywriting process.

It’s where we uncover your objectives, understand your brand, figure out why your audience will care, decide how your brand should talk and then, only then, craft your key message. A message to inspire your audience to take action.

So it’s something we take great care with.

Why choose us?

We craft copy that gets your tech brand noticed. We’ve been doing it for a while across digital, social, video and more. We think we’re pretty good at it.

Over the years, we’ve worked with some great brands including Apple, Microsoft, T-Mobile, Seagate, Fujitsu, Hitachi and many more. We’ve helped household names and ambitious brands with strategic consultancy and brand messaging that connects with customers, propelling organisations onward through carefully considered messaging that’s meaningful and memorable.

Equipped with the right words, our clients speak confidently about their brand and help their people feel excited to come to work.

We know that no two brands are alike. Even the most similar-seeming businesses working in the same space possess something unique. It’s our job to find it and share it. We dig deep with lots of questions to find out who you are, define your value and craft copy that’s captivating, original and true to your brand.

We truly believe in the power of words to move people to action, and we love working with people who feel the same.

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