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It all starts with the ‘why’ behind your words.

Who are you? What do you want to say? Why do you want to say it? We consider all of these, and way more, before we write a single word.

That’s why we call it ‘Considered Copywriting’.

Considered Copywriting

What makes great copywriting? Is it the way a sentence sounds or the punch it packs? Is it the cadence of the copy or the narrative stance?

The answer is all of the above.

But the most important part comes long before all that. It’s the insight behind a story; the thinking behind the post and the strategy behind the strapline that makes it work.

Because great copywriting isn’t just about the writing. The words are actually the product of all that comes before: the deep thinking, the probing, the interrogating.

To get there we immerse ourselves in your world until it’s our world too. So we can turn jargon-filled, intimidating, dry tech talk into engaging stories. Stories that convey the warm, human benefits of your products and services.

Behind every brilliant and enduring tagline is a carefully considered process – a strategy that straddles brand identity, value proposition, verbal identity and business goals.

In short, it’s the ‘why’ behind your words that wins trust.

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What is Considered Copywriting?

To write well is to think clearly. And clear thinking requires care and attention. Only by thinking deeply do we get the answers for the ‘what, why, how, who’ of any project. Then we’re ready to craft insight-driven, authentic copy that demystifies the world of tech and taps into your audience’s attitudes and goals.

That’s Considered Copywriting. The consideration comes first.

So when we sit down to write, we can really consider every word, because we have all the rationale to guide us. Nothing will be there by accident. No word, no comma, no thought. We might add it in the heat of composition. But then it has to fight for its life in the rewrite.

Writing considered copy means writing quality copy. Choosing to avoid the cliché, to keep looking, to stay in the hunt. It’s about finding the copy that considers your reader, the copy they’ll click with and feel compelled to respond to.

Finally, we’re happy to say, we think we’re a pretty considerate bunch. And that comes out in our writing. We don’t just create, we craft. And crafting takes care.

Why do I need Considered Copywriting?

Think you need a copywriter?

You might be right. But what do you want your copywriter to do? What do you want to achieve? Who do you want to attract, and how do you want them to feel? What is your brand’s unique value and how will you communicate that through words? And, above all, why?

We ask ‘why?’ a lot. Because it always amazes us how powerful that question is. “I just need 10 blogs on big data” you cry. That’s fine. But why? If you’re not investing time in the strategy and thinking behind those blogs, then you’ll just be chucking money at a freelancer to throw some words together and hope for the best.

Words matter. The right words. They’re your best and only tool to truly connect with your audience – the tech savvy ones and the luddites. Words set the tone for your culture. They’re what separates a successful brand from a carbon-copy company that doesn’t stand out. So they should be backed by some serious thinking.

That’s why you need Considered Copywriting.

Why choose us?

Because we get tech. We can tell the difference between megapixels and megabytes. We never take briefs and bung over some ill-considered codswallop, no questions asked. We know it’s much deeper than that. We’ll work closely with you to get to the root of your ambitions, immersing ourselves in your world to understand the nuances within your audience, your brand persona and its quirks, your hopes, fears, goals and all the rest.

We don’t just write copy. We delve into your ideas and values, your passions and purpose to deliver words that are considered, clear and crafted. We take briefs and interrogate the living daylights out of them, asking the questions that can often get missed in a project’s early stages.

Because our best work comes from a deep understanding of your brand and your project.

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