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How many ideas can you stack up using a deck of cards? A good deal.


Coming up with ideas is hard. Some definitely find it easier than others. I find it hard. 


So I’m always grateful when someone makes it even just a little easier.


Deck of Brilliance is a really nice idea I stumbled across a while ago. 


It’s the brainchild of Juggi Ramakrishnan and Todd McCracken, two creative directors who came up with the powerful idea generation tool for their own teams while working as creative directors in Asia. 


They noticed a gap in the market when it came to training creatives – there was no set tool or methodology for tackling briefs and this lack of structure was making the ideation process way harder than it had to be. 


So, Deck of Brilliance was born. 


It’s a free, online tool that does a great job of organising your thoughts. (And it leads on nicely from our recent post about originality in the creative process.)


The deck has 52 cards with prompts to structure creative thinking and many examples of each. 

The aim of these cards is to corral your thinking into certain areas and give you confidence. The exercises prompt you to come up with lots of ideas without judgement or attachment to any of them, a numbers game essentially, and leaves you feeling less stuck and blocked. 


Making it easier to bounce ideas back and forth. Which is the fun part of brainstorming. 


It’s important to point out that this approach isn’t a guaranteed formula for success. Sadly, that doesn’t exist. But it is a great tool to spark your thinking and get some ideas happening. 


And that can only be a good thing. 


Have you ever tried Deck of Brilliance? 

Did it help your teams? 

Did it help you think more creatively? 


Let us know your thoughts! 


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