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Nike Football – End of Season Social Comms






Copywriting Content

We crafted authentic, on-brand copy to mark key moments in the ‘She Believes Cup’ 2023, and to celebrate end-of-season achievements for Barcelona and Bayern Munich. Bringing a deep understanding of Nike’s audience and a knack for creating captivating content, we helped the sports brand score engagement and spark conversations.

Client and context

Anchor Leg is a brand positioning and strategy powerhouse. They know exactly what ideas and channels get the best returns on investment. What Anchor Leg needed was a copywriting agency that could match their vision and provide impactful social copy for their client – Nike Football EMEA. 

We’ve got more than seven years’ experience writing for Nike – not only for Nike Football (Europe, UK and Global), but for practically every other category. This means we can just drop in and out of Nike’s iconic tone of voice without breaking a sweat. 

What we did for Nike

Our sharp copy for Instagram celebrated these moments through the lens of the players, leveraging their playing style and positioning Nike crafted for them. All the while being careful not to mention clubs, leagues or tournaments Nike isn’t affiliated with. That’s a no no.

We’re no strangers to writing copy for demanding clients with tight deadlines and to nuanced tones of voice. This project is a prime example of how we come into our own when working with restrictions, delivering on-brand copy that makes people care. 

The results

The response was overwhelmingly positive.

Each post attracted the attention and fan interactions Nike wanted, earning brand engagement to the tune of over 100,000 likes with plenty of comments to boot. Drawing on our deep expertise in social media copywriting and brand voice, we helped keep Nike at the forefront of sport and collective imaginations.  

The stats:

  • USA Claims the Cup – 14.4k likes, 39 comments
  • Alex Morgan Celebrates 200 games – 12.6k likes, 29 comments
  • Jamal Musiala – 105,967+ likes, 103 comments 
  • Campions i Campiones – 15,045 likes



Some lovely words from our clients…

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