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Copywriting UX

Wallbox sits at the forefront of electric vehicle (EV) innovation, creating sophisticated home charging solutions for customers across Europe. However, like many tech brands, Wallbox had challenges with its app user journey. Some of the language and logic was causing confusion for customers.

They needed specialist UX copywriters to steer their copy in the right direction.

Why did Wallbox choose Craft?

We’re UX copywriting experts – especially with tech. We can turn head spinning tech terminology into free flowing user journeys. 

Making sure tech apps are easy to use takes more than friendly design. It’s about word choice, tone and semantics. Micro copy must convey absolute meaning while keeping people engaged and happy with their experience. Being precise, yet economical with language takes thinking – lots of it. 

At Craft, this is second nature to us. When Wallbox got word of our expertise and learned that we’d helped several car brands including Audi, VW, SEAT and ŠKODA, they approached us to help them. 

What we did for Wallbox

After immersing ourselves in their world and tone of voice, we laid the foundation by crafting wording for Wallbox’s core app and charger functions. Our mission was to create a UX foundation our copy could be layered upon. 

From there, we tackled statuses, regulatory jargon, error states, and more—the nuts and bolts of a seamless user experience. In each copy interaction, we struck the perfect balance between tone and clarity. In UX copywriting, tone is often pushed aside to make a user’s journey smoother. We were able to find middle ground – practical yet human. 

Alongside the app copy, we started a glossary for Wallbox, worked on a UX writing guide and also a user guide. Before they’re lost, we like to capture semantic, stylistic, and grammatical nuances for our clients. And we like to give practical writing advice.

Why? Because we care. Whether or not we’re the ones writing the copy, we make sure our clients have the tools to educate their people – keeping them on brand in the future. 


We ran both bits through the Hemingway App to practically illustrate readability differences 👇

Wallbox' original UX copy

Craft's version

UX road blockages

When UX copy is unclear or doesn’t read fluidly  it’s not just an “oh well” moment. It causes a UX blockage. This is not good for brand loyalty or business.

A blockage in UX writing is any text that doesn’t achieve its purpose. It could be an aimless landing page losing attention or an app error screen that tactlessly alerts! without offering a solution.

Whatever it is, it blocks a user’s journey – because they don’t want to continue or don’t know how to. 

So, why does this all matter?

The way people experience a digital product is everything. Use the wrong words, tone, or information sequences and people won’t tolerate it for long, if at all. By transforming complex tech jargon into user-friendly language, we helped Wallbox enhance their user experience, enabling seamless navigation and understanding.

The result?

Wallbox overcame UX blockages, bringing clarity for their customers and boosting brand loyalty in the process. 

Sound good?

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